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“Better Golf with EFT” improves the mental game of any golfer from touring pro to weekend duffer.

You can learn the techniques revolutionizing the field of golf psychology.

You’ll use the amazing discovery of combining accupuncture with quantum physics to eliminate your golf demons.

  • Step up to the first tee full of confidence, relaxed and tension free.
  • Never putt in fear again. Putt with confidence. Avoid three putts. Sink pressure putts on the final holes. Start collecting on friendly wagers instead of paying.

“Golf is a game played on a 5 inch Course- the distance between your ears”… Bobby Jones. One of the greatest golfers of all time came to the realization early in his career that the mental side of the game was critical to good performance!

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Download your e-book copy of "BETTER GOLF WITH EFT" today for just $12.95, or get immediate access on your favorirte device using a marketplace below. With your purchase, I’ll also send you a free copy of “Be Happy and Become a Better Golfer”.

This special report is usually $5.95 but you’ll get it free with your order. Learn practice techniques and strategies that you can use immediately. Also included are dozens of specific EFT phrases that will fast track you on the road to becoming a happier and therefore improved golfer.

You get the book "Better Golf with EFT" and a copy of "Be Happy and Become a Better Golfer", all for just $12.95... that's less than the cost of a dozen golf balls to enter a new world of golf confidence.

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